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Halifax Courier, November 16th 2009

Isabel Chaplais joined the orchestra for Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1 in B flat minor. From the first grand sweeps of its romantic opening, she gave this famous work her all. The turbulent ebbs and flows of the first movement were beautifully controlled. The middle section of the second movement was almost jazzy in feel, the serenity of its conclusion decorated by the the most delicate of trills, the flamboyant final allegro reaching a momentous final climax.

Halifax Courier, March 3rd 2007

Rachmaninov's second piano concerto, Victoria Theatre, Halifax

Isabel Chaplais is a powerful, confident and expressive performer, technically assured and effortlessly musical. From the spine-chilling opening chords, she let the music speak. The orchestra, particularly the shimmering strings in the Adagio, illuminated her ravishing, and very moving performance.'

Halifax Courier, Feb 26th 2005

Isabel’s playing was full of life and understanding, portraying cheekiness, lyricism and methodical precision over the range of 24 variations.

Sheffield Telegraph, Fri Jan 7th 2005
Bernard Lee

A packed house to hear what must be Sheffield’s most exciting orchestra with its now ‘retired’ (having reached 21) principal viola, Isabel Chaplais, playing Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto.

In the final analysis, an immensely gifted pianist…her playing in the poetic adagio was wonderful, beautifully poised and totally unmannered…from the movement’s opening dialogue between piano and woodwind to its conclusion with gently singing strings, beauty and poignancy tugged at the heartstrings, the long, deliberately-moving crescendo leading to skilful dexterity in the brief, tumultuous cadenza.
The finale was met with admirable aplomb and confidence…a performance from the heart.